Diamond Gutter Services is Licensed and Insured
Diamond Gutter Services is Licensed and Insured
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Gutters 101: Can I Paint My Gutters?

Posted 04/11/2021

Can I Paint My Gutters?

Gutters are traditionally white, with some variation, but since coming onto the scene, there has been little choice in gutter treatments.

Some people may, therefore, decide that a new color would look more appealing, and may ask, "Can I paint my gutters?".

The answer is - yes, you can paint just about anything. However, whether it is a good idea may be a better question. Painted gutters tend to lose their luster fairly quickly, due to the exposure to direct sunlight, wind, rain, hail and other elements. Since they tend to catch debris if uncovered, they are also exposed to the abrasive objects that tend to get caught in them, such as leaves, pine cones, small branches, etc. Even with gutter guards, these items often fall or are blown onto the painted surface by the wind, resulting in chipping, flaking and peeling.

For an upgrade in gutters that will truly enhance the beauty and value of your home and provide an upscale look, give Diamond Gutter Services a call. Our staff will walk you through all of your options, including our new seamless, color gutters which are custom made on-site at your home.

This new process produces gutters which are made of a pigment-dyed material - which means the color is completely embedded into the gutter, and therefore cannot chip, peel, fade or flake.

We're here to help! Give Diamond Gutter Services a call today for a free gutter consultation.